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Fasonlais a technology company that has been providing technical services to many enterprises for many years and has been widely praised.

Fasonlaprovides services to customers and enterprises all over the world with advanced technology and advanced products. Years of experience, professional skills, and strong strategic planning. In the future, we will provide innovative products and better services, a company worthy of your trust.

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MetaTrader 5(MT5)

MT5 desktop

Download MT5 desktop version and enjoy the most advanced trading functions, multi currency pairs and multi language trading support. Download now-->

MT5 iPhone/android

Download MT5 iPhone version & Android version. The mobile terminal can easily realize the convenience of transaction and control the world finance.

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Global financial derivatives:

Overseas stocks, Precious metals, Foreign exchange, Natural gas, Cryptocurrency

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Cooperation with 6 international banks

International broker

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Fasonlais an international broker. We have opened offices in different countries and cities around the world, including Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, providing professional localization services to all customers.


Fasonlaoffers only the best of the world's most popular credit institutions.


Fasonlacustomer funds and company funds are separated.


Fasonlais a member of the investor compensation fund.


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